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Welcome to Hairless Heroes, a registry of responsible and ethical breeders of Sphynx. Our intention is to provide a resource for those looking to adopt Sphynx into their lives to find responsible breeders and inspire other breeders to join the initiative.


Like many purebred animals, Sphynx are prone to genetic diseases, particularly hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM). It is the responsibility of all breeders to take every measure they can to improve the breed and one of the most important tasks is annual scanning of HCM. It is this and other responsible breeding practices Hairless Heroes looks for when considering breeders for the website.


How do catteries make it onto the registry? Check out the criteria we look for when considering breeders for Hairless Heroes. See Criteria



Behind the Website


Why not come together despite it all and better the breed as a community of Sphynx lovers?


A Sphynx lover since the release of Austin Powers and a Sphynx owner for four years, I’ve come to learn that breeding isn’t just about sticking two cats together and hoping for the best. A lot goes into breeding healthy cats and even more goes into making sure they stay healthy.


After having a number of friends and acquaintances come to me asking about breeders and how to find breeders - and some adopting from questionable sources - I felt that the community could benefit from a breeder registry. Not just any registry, but one that focused on conscientious breeding practices and encouraging other breeders to do the same.


In breeding there is a lot of competition and a lot of disagreement, but there is something that all breeders and all owners have in common: the love for the Sphynx breed. Why not come together despite it all and better the breed as a community of Sphynx lovers?


It is from this idea that Hairless Heroes was born. It is my hope that the registry will grow with more and more breeders adopting the same vision of raising the bar and inspiring others to do the same.

Stephanie Field, Founder/Web Administrator