Hairless Heroes is 100% free for everyone. It is by sphynx people for sphynx people.
Many breeders will ship or personally deliver kittens. Even if they don't, it is often well worth it to travel yourself to adopt from a conscientious breeder. If this is not a viable option for you, visit this page for tips on how to identify a responsible breeder.
Hairless Heroes is not a cattery. It is just a registry that catalogues catteries that use responsible breeding practices for the benefit of others. You must contact those catteries yourself via their websites/contact information to arrange adoption.
If a cattery is not displayed on the website, then they’re not endorsed by us.
Given the already small gene pool available to purebred cats, it is not possible to end every single line that has HCM or has produced HCM. Decisions must be made regarding the acceptable risk to the line and future offspring. Kittens that have inherited only one copy of the gene are not typically as severely affected by the disease as those with two copies, and can live very normal, long lives. For more information on this, you can visit or watch Dr. Meur’s webinar on HCM in the sphynx breed.
We aim to monitor breeders via the SRB database. A breeder that stops sharing results risks their membership with Hairless Heroes. Breeders are given a reasonable timeframe to scan and upload results every year before their membership is revoked.
While we agree that we can most definitely raise our standards there comes a point where the barrier for entry is too high for anyone to want to commit. By compromising at what I and the breeders I consult with believe are reasonable expectations, excellence in breeding is much less daunting. We feel that this way breeders are more likely to commit to bettering their practices and we will always encourage going above and beyond.


You can contact us directly and we can advise you on the proper steps to becoming a conscientious breeder. Alternatively you can contact a Hairless Hero in your area who has opted into mentoring on their profile.

While these SNAP tests can indicate that there may be an issue, they do not compare to a physical echocardiogram performed by a certified cardiologist. As such we do not consider proBNP testing an acceptable alternative to annual echocardiograms.
No, we do not. This service is only for breeders. Rescues cannot be sure of any cat’s medical history or breeding which is integral to our vetting process.
Absolutely! We accept catteries worldwide but the website is English-language only so all applications must be submitted in English. Your own cattery website doesn’t need to be (though it might be helpful if someone overseas wants to adopt from you!).

The seal is not mandatory, but we do encourage its use. Even if you opt out of using it you are welcome to opt back in at any time.

There is no set date for all breeders to get their cats scanned and results in. We will work on a case by case basis based on previous scanning history and will expect results to be in around the same time as in the past. If there is concern we will contact you about the current year’s scans.

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