Become a Hero

We welcome and encourage all Sphynx breeders to join the initiative. Applying and becoming a Hairless Hero is 100% free and is a way to show that you as a breeder are committed to both the breed and those who adopt from you.


Approved catteries are given a place on the website as well as a personalized Hairless Hero seal to display on their websites. Displaying the seal is not a requirement, but it’s a good way to show potential adopters that you’re a conscientious breeder.


Complete an application form including (but not limited to) information about your cattery, active cats, and scan history via the SRB database.
Your application will be reviewed and information verified. If necessary, we will contact you regarding missing information or clarification.
About Us
If everything adds up you'll be presented with your own personalized Hero Seal and added to the registry!
About Us


In the event that you are denied membership we will explain what criteria were not met and how to rectify it. Previously denied applicants are free to reapply. After becoming a Hairless Hero you must continue to adhere to the same criteria. You will be expected to submit scans to the SRB database annually for all active and retired cats.

Permitted Breeds


Hairless Heroes only accepts breeders of Sphynx/Canadian Sphynx and Donskoy/Don Sphynx. We will accept catteries that breed others in addition to Sphynx/Donskoy but we can only endorse the above breeds.


We do not endorse breeders of Bambino/Minskin, Elf, Dwelf, and other Sphynx offshoots, and have no intention of doing so in the future. 



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What is the SRB database?

The Sphynx/Rex Breeders database (SRB) is a database administrated by Wil Olfers that archives cats, their scan history, and their pedigrees. This is the database Hairless Heroes uses for tracking scan history of endorsed breeders and to make things easy for us we will only be accepting scans through this database.


If you do not currently upload to this database, you must email Wil Olfers at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with a scanned copy of the scan results and the cat’s pedigree. In the event that the pedigree of the cat in question is already on the database it may be sufficient to submit the parents’ names, but we recommend submitting the pedigree anyway.