I became involved in the Sphynx breed in 2002, my first two pet sphynx were diagnosed with HCM and unfortunately both died as a result. This difficult experience gave birth to my passion for the breed and most importantly for mitigating HCM within the breed. Every breeding decision I make is in their honor, with health forever my top priority in my breeding program. All of my cats are screened by a Board Certified Cardiologist every 6 months, are DNA screened for a myriad of genetic disease profiles, hips and patellas are screened and I do URI and Fecal PCR tests on them every three months to ensure my cats are always free of contagious pathogens. All of my kittens are vaccinated at 8,12,16 weeks, are microchipped, registered, clear fecal and uri PCR tested, full CBC panel done prior to being spayed or neutered before leaving for their forever home.
I offer a 3 year genetic health and FIP guarantee and a LIFETIME genetic HCM guarantee on the condition they are screened yearly and results shared with me and the HCM databases. I am also very passionate about our breeds representation in the Show Hall, and have experienced extreme success in the Show Ring. I have bred numerous Regional Winning cats, all of my cats are or come from Regional Winning, Supreme Grand Champion lines, and I have bred the Best Sphynx in the world, 11th best AllBreed Cat in the world, and 7th highest scoring cat in the history of our breed worldwide in TICA. For over a decade I have volunteered with my Sphynx as Animal Assisted Therapy Teams, many of my cats are certified Therapy Animals, and have produced numerous kittens that go on to be therapy cats in their new homes. All of my cats are free in my home, and live like pets. I am vehemently against caging, and instead I choose to raise each litter in the safety of their own Kitten Nursery bedroom, designed with size appropriate kitten trees, shelves, beds and toys. Ultimately a stimulating environment which is both safe and enjoyable for them until they are vaccinated and then allowed to live in the rest of the house with the other cats. I work from home as a Sculptor, and this allows me to allot an enormous amount of time to their socialization and development which results in extremely affectionate and stable family members.