The difference between a good breeder and a bad one can mean the overall health and longevity of your Sphynx. Adopting from the wrong breeder may leave you with high vet bills and a broken heart and while no one can absolutely guarantee the longevity of your kitten, a responsible breeder will do everything in their power to ensure their cats and kittens are in the best health they can be.


As with any breed, the sphynx community is rife with poor breeding practices that damage the breed as a whole. Sometimes it is difficult to discern an inexperienced or careless breeder from a conscientious breeder, especially if one is uninformed about the breed and the prevalence of HCM. Hairless Heroes aims to take the guesswork out of the task of finding the right breeder for you by collecting the best and most responsible breeders in one place, and giving them tokens of endorsement to display on their own websites.


Hero Seals

As a token of our endorsement, every breeder approved by Hairless Heroes is given a personalized seal to display on their website. It is not just an object of pride, but to show prospective adopters that the breeder adheres to the highest of breeding standards.


A cattery with an unpersonalized badge or a badge with no mention on our website is suspect and is not likely to be endorsed by Hairless Heroes at all.


What Can I Expect From A Hairless Heroes Breeder?

You can expect your breeder to dedicated to both you and the breed. Breeders in our program are accepted based on criteria that ensures they are using ethical and conscientious breeding practices including (but not limited to) annual HCM scanning, health guarantee, spay/neuter policy, and appropriate vaccinations.


Your relationship with your breeder should not end at receiving your kitten - it should be the beginning of lifetime friendship and support.


What is HCM?

In simple terms, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) is the progressive thickening of the heart walls. This makes it more and more difficult for the heart to pump blood and eventually leads to congestive heart failure.


HCM is a genetic disease and can develop in any cat at any age, and is prevalent in the Sphynx breed. Its symptoms are seldom outwardly noticeable or obvious except in advanced stages which is why annual echocardiograms are imperative to catching the disease early and managing it. All Sphynx should be scanned annually for HCM, active breeding cats, retired dams/sires, even placed pets, as keeping track of these cats’ statuses is important for maintaining healthy lines and advancing the health of the breed overall.


For more information about HCM, how it affects cats, and where to scan please visit Hairless Hearts.